Master Anchoring


  1. Anchor at a safe distance from other vessels at anchor.
  2. If the under keel clearance is less than two meters there is a possibility that you will drag your anchor. This is more prominent during spring tides and during monsoons. The tide can be as strong as 6 to 7 knots per hour.
  3. If you are lightering with other vessels alongside the chances of dragging anchor is even more.
  4. As a precaution use more chains, keep your engine standby all the times and keep the nos. of lighter vessel alongside to minimum.
  5. Keep a good anti theft lookout and employ watchmen onboard.
  6. When maneuvering for anchoring or picking pilot never attempt to cross other vessel Bow at close range. Please remember the current here is very strong. You may ride on others cable.
  7. Deep draught vessels lightering at Alpha anchorage shall shift to Bravo or Charlie when they attain required draughts to make room for safe anchoring of newly arrived deep draft vessels.
  8. Complete reliance on ECDIS is discouraged. Cross check against up to date paper chart is advised.