Shipping Agency

Coscol Shipping Lines Ltd. has been involved in various shipping & trading Activities Carried Out In The Bangladesh Sea Ports. The Group started its activities as Shipping Agents in 2006, under the name and style of Coscol Shipping Lines Ltd. The Agency Handled Inward / Outward Clearances Of Vessels At Chittagong Port And Handling Of Crew Transfers, For All Their Marine Equipment, I.E. Bulk, Tanker, Tugs, Work And Accommodation Barges And Drilling Rigs.

A Brief Description Of The Shipping Services Provided By “Coscol Shipping Lines Ltd. “, are Mentioned Below:

Shipping Agent (Bulk/Feeder/ Tanker /Container/RO-RO/ Liner /Neval/ UN-AID Cgo).

1. INDIA/NEPAL/BHUTAN/CHINA Transit Cargo Handling.
2. Ship Agency (Liner & Tramper)
3. Chartering of Bulk, Tanker, Tugs, Barges and Offshore Vessels.
4. Project & Heavy Lift Cargo Handling
5. Act as Owner’s Agent or Owner’s Protecting Agent or Chatterer’s Agent.
6. Agents for Vessels Arriving In Chittagong for Scrapping/Demolition.
7. Agents for Vessels Arriving In Chittagong for BUNKER/SHIP REPAIR.
8. Acting as Protecting Agents of Vessels Belonging To Foreign Owners.
9. Afloat ship repairs at anchorage and offshore supplies.
10. Arrangement Of Cargo, Stevedores, Survey And Supplies To Chandler, Repairs To Ship.
11. Inward / Outward Entry with Port/Customs /Immigration.
12. Clearance of Offshore Vessels In And Out Of the Port.
13. Clearance of Personnel to and From Offshore Vessels / Helipad / Airport.
14. Handling and forwarding of spare parts.
15. Fresh water supply.
16. Ship-To-ship operation
17. Dry or Liquid Cargo Loading/Uploading operations in all BANGLADESH Ports and Oil Terminals
18. Clearance of Material To and From Offshore Vessels.
19. Crew Sign OFF/ON from Any Kinds of Vessel.
20. Check Tally Works & Other Necessary Survey Works. 21. Chittagong Port (OPL) Services.

Our company can offer exclusive attention, an important facility that many other shipping agencies in Bangladesh cannot match as the management is involved in day to day operations of the company. Therefore, what we offer is professionalism, expertise, knowledge, experience and exclusivity, in a combination hard to match.

Coscol Shipping Lines Ltd.

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