Port Restriction

(a).The maximum permissible draft for entering and leaving Chittagong Port is 9.50 Meter.
(b).The maximum permissible length for entering Chittagong Port is 190.00* Meter.
(c).The maximum permissible entry length for night navigation is 165.00 Meter.
(d).The maximum permissible draft for Main Jetty areas
i.e.Jetty No. 2 to Jetty no. 13 is 8.55 Meter.
(e).The entry permissible draft would however depend on the day’s maximum permissible draft.
(f). 1. Maxm. allowable LOA for berth is 190.0m & draft 8.55m (F.W) but if vsl LOA more then 186 mtrs to upto 190 mtrs then vsl has to reduce 0.50 mtrs from days permissible draft with condition apply , Air draft 52.0m & no restriction on beam. We can bring the General cargo vsl at NCT-3/4/5 ( Which 100% direct delivery cargo )with draft up to 9.5 mts in fw Draft only Subject to vsl LOA within 186 mtrs but if vessel LOA more than 186 mtrs to upto 190 mtrs CPA will allow to berth the vsl at NCT-3/4/5 subject to vsl has to reduce 0.50 mtrs from days permissible draft subject to availability of Vacant berth at NCT and vsl has to shift from NCT after achieving fw draft 8.55 mts for general cargo berth.
2. There are 6 berths for General cargo which are from J/2, 3, 4, 5, 7 & 8.

Please note that following conditions will be applicable to a vessel having LOA more than 186 meters and up to 190 meters prior her Berthing.

(i).The use of 2 (Two) tugs will be compulsory for berthing and un-berthing of those vessels;
(ii).The permissible draft in these case will be 0.50 meter less then day’s permissible draft
(iii).2 (two) Anchors & all bridge navigational equipment’s e.g. Radar, Gyro Compass, Echo Sounder, Ship’s Horn etc, must be in order before entering channel;
(iv).On behalf of ship’s owner, Agent will submit an undertaking in Non-judicial stamp of Tk.300 (Three Hundred) as per CPA requirement. Wordings available from marine department of CPA )
(v).CPA reserves the right of increasing or decreasing the permissible draft depending upon the prevailing circumstances;